Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the newest imaging modality at Airline Animal Health and Surgery Center. Our pet specific, open air MRI uses a 0.3 Tesla magnet to safely and effectively create images of structures and organs with clear resolution. Clients and patients now have access to modern expert imaging without having to travel long distances.

CT Scan

Computerized Tomography (CT) has been offered by Airline Animal Health and Surgery Center since 2013. A NewTom 5G cone beam CT scanner is an integral part of our diagnostic imaging. Common uses for CT include: Dental scans, Musculoskeletal conditions ie. OCD, FMC, Planning complex fracture repair, IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) / Spinal Cord Compression, Vascular studies, Metastatic cancer evaluation and 3-D information for prosthetics.


Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique used in veterinary medicine and surgery to obtain real-time images of a pet through the use of a fluoroscope. Fluoroscopy has tremendous advantages over invasive surgical procedures in that it allows for precise placement of orthopedic implants using a small incision. This results in substantially reduced recovery time and risk of infection.

Your Pets, Our Family

The veterinarians and staff at Airline Animal Health and Surgery Center, LLC are committed to provide incomparable client service while offering superior and progressive veterinary care. The foundation of our practice is a combination of the talents and skills that each person on staff lends to the profession in service to our patients.

We are devoted to our work, and we dedicate ourselves to improve the health of our patients with a personal interest, excellent care and cutting-edge technology. Promoting and achieving the well-being of pets is our foremost objective. We fervently encourage and actively practice preventive medicine for our patients as well as educate our clientele in their role to insure a long and healthy life for their pets.

Our mission is to be compassionate and understanding in a manner that always represents our most sincere interest for the health and well being of each pet.

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