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In-House Labroratory

Airline Animal Health and Surgery Center offers comprehensive in-house blood analyzers for quicker diagnostics. These important tools can rule in or out diseases and determine your pet’s health prior to anesthesia. Blood chemistries with electrolytes show values to indicate how well your pet’s liver, kidneys and pancreas are functioning, and complete blood counts can detect anemia and abnormalities of your white blood cells.

Urine samples for analysis and culture are obtained sterilely via ultrasound guided cystocentesis. Results of thyroid panels, kidney profiles, bile acids, cortisol levels, blood glucose, cardiac troponin, ionized calcium, canine and feline pancreatic lipase, blood gases and many other tests can be read in minutes.

Annual pet wellness screenings are recommended by our veterinarians. Paired with one of our outside laboratories, Antech, we offer comprehensive, affordable next day results. These tests assist in early detection of disease and can monitor any changes in your pet’s blood values from year to year. Detecting early changes can postpone or prevent disease progression.

Junior Package – Ages 1-6 (Test Code: SA1008)

• Complete Blood Count
• Basic Chemistry Panel
• Ova and Parasite Screen

Senior Package – Ages 7 and Older (Test Code: SA750)

• Complete Blood Count
• Comprehensive (25) Chemistry Panel
• Thyroid Analysis
• Urinalysis
• Ova and Parasite Screen
• Ultrasound Cystocentesis

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