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AAHASC offers a new high definition Sedecal Vet-Ray system. This system has superior HDMI images that allow us and our radiologists to make a diagnosis.

Images are obtained quickly with little to no sedation. Studies are completed quickly with less x-ray exposure. Also, because digital requires no chemicals, processing is eco friendly. All radiographic studies are reviewed by board certified radiologist.

Common uses for digital radiology:

• Cardiovascular disease
• Musculo-skeletal
• Abdominal
• Barium studies
• Pregnancy diagnosis

Telemedicine– Radiologist/Neurologist

Telemedicine in the veterinary industry has grown exponentially. A veterinary radiologist/neurologist is a veterinarian with advanced training in the interpretation of diagnostic images. All cases are referred to a board certified specialist via our dedicated fiber optic internet connection with same day results.